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Infrastructure Solutions for New York & New Jersey

A robust infrastructure is critical to data protection and maintenance, as well as effective day-to-day operations and core business activities of an enterprise. The Experis Infrastructure and Data Solutions Practice implements best practice delivery services, enabling a holistic infrastructure project/service approach that meets the demand of today’s enterprise environment.

We provide organizations with a comprehensive project approach structured by phases to ensure timely and accurate deliverables. Each phase includes high-level work activities broken down into the specific tasks for an orderly, simplified implementation. The framework is designed to ensure that both the customer and Experis understand their respective roles and the necessary components required for success. Our approach also allows for the decomposition of projects or services to leverage external expertise for only components of a deliverable, opposed to the full project, including the outsourcing of specific infrastructure services, teams or project components.

Our solutions are further strengthened thru our Partnerships with Cisco, Microsoft, vmware, EMC, IBM, Avaya, etc. (All these names should be actual Logos of these companies)

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