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Enterprises are recognizing that a cloud infrastructure can deliver more than just efficiencies in their IT environment. Cloud can be a true growth engine for the business. But some organizations do not have the staff or the desire to manage the cloud environment themselves. They want a trusted cloud provider to take on the management of the cloud for their critical workloads.

To fully realize the benefits of cloud, you may need a fully managed cloud environment designed with enterprise-grade security, reliability, and flexibility to handle your most important workloads. OnPointe Cloud Services provides access to a production ready, secure, and more cost effective cloud infrastructure that is managed by IBM and designed to help you drive business value and competitive advantage, while supporting reduced operational risk. Now is the time to discuss the transformational power of cloud and how Essextec can offer the expertise necessary to help you move workloads to the cloud and the ongoing management required to continually help optimize your cloud or hybrid (private and shared) environments.

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